I'm actually working on something in flash

2013-01-30 23:01:22 by 372

chillin' with satan

I'm actually working on something in flash


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2013-01-30 23:40:22

Inverted cross isn't Satanic.

372 responds:

yeah but it's trendy and satan digs it?


2013-02-22 03:41:48

Maybe you two should just kiss and make up.


2013-03-17 22:44:25

Looks satanic


2013-03-19 13:42:08

i'm probably the 200th person to say this but it looks inspired by leo and satan

372 responds:

Yeah I guess, but to be honest I didn't even realize the similarity until after I started the flash.
The flash is pretty much supposed to be satire of the "hardcore" music scene
Satan is the lead singer of the greatest deathcore band of all time....Satan...


2013-03-23 23:08:59

De Vinci was a pedo.

372 responds:

no he wasn't :(