I got Interviewed

2013-04-10 15:44:51 by 372

Go check it out!


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2013-04-11 07:27:04

Woohoo! Will do, 372.

372 responds:

Thanks man!


2013-04-20 15:00:45

Hey, do you mind if I take the recording of you singing "The Gay Song", make a beat over it, and submit it to the Audio Portal? I would list you as the vocalist, and Closethydoor as the lyricist. But if you do mind, then nvm...

372 responds:

go for it mate. make me famous


2013-05-14 21:57:20

nice interview

and i was being sarcastic in that science reply on the religion, couldn't tell if you could, just saying

372 responds:

Oh my bad, I thought you were serious :0