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This is gonna take practice

2014-03-31 01:17:05 by 372

Testing my machine for the first time with some doodles. Follow me on instagram and tumblr for updates on art stuff. 



Practicing animation

2013-09-13 01:56:23 by 372

Here's a short gif of a pencil animation I did

Practicing animation

pokemon trainer me

2013-08-01 22:38:34 by 372

my new icon is a color coated pokemon trainer that I made that looks like me
its less evil

i lost 2 fans....what did I do wrong :'(

Summertime and the livin's easy

2013-06-24 06:46:09 by 372

I'm on vacation.

Working on a pencil animation.

2013-05-18 17:14:36 by 372

Heres a loop of the beginning. Very time consuming process

Working on a pencil animation.

I got Interviewed

2013-04-10 15:44:51 by 372

Go check it out!

I wrote a dis to my girlfriend...

2013-04-03 02:57:26 by 372

I hope she doesn't dump me...

yes this is a joke...

chillin' with satan

I'm actually working on something in flash

]graffiti mansion

2013-01-16 18:28:11 by 372

fun in dat chimney at duh graffiti mansion

]graffiti mansion

I love this song

2013-01-15 21:13:53 by 372